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Eiichiro Oda‘s worldwide famous creation One Piece throughout its history of more than 20 years has had many significant moments and recently it just added one more to its archive, where it showed us the stunning fight between the Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger pirate crews.

The gigantic flashback investigating Oden Kozuki’s previous proceeds with the most up to date episodes, and it was at that point an enormous arrangement that Oden really figured out how to cruise the oceans with Whitebeard and his group 20 years prior. In any case, the past episode made this one stride further and uncovered that Whitebeard and his team once had a significant crash with Gol D. Roger’s group. While the initial segment of this conflict was at that point a hit with fans, the most up to date episode goes the additional mile.

One Piece episode 966 proceeds with the deadlock between the two unbelievable groups, and true to form, it’s not some time before the two teams go totally into fight with each other. While this episode was remembered for Eiichiro Oda’s unique recounting the arc, this is one of the moments the anime has chosen to feature more as it broadened the battle between the two crews.

As apparent by the freshest episode, Oden’s flashback is perhaps the main flashbacks in the arrangement generally. In addition to the fact that it reveals more key parts of Wano Country’s past, however we have seen to a greater degree an investigate Whitebeard at his prime too. As we have seen throughout the span of the flashback and with this most current scene particularly, Oden’s previous excursions crosses with Roger’s last goes as a pirate.

The battle amongst two crews at last finishes in a totally unique manner that you would anticipate from such a lead in to a battle this way, yet it likewise fits the well disposed contention that the two teams had during that first brilliant time of robbery. Following this gigantic fight, Roger winds up requesting Whitebeard’s assistance in getting Oden to translate the Poneglyphs to track down the last island left to investigate. This flashback is truly just beginning.

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