One Piece: Ace's Story
Photo Credit: Shueisha

One Piece with more than 20 years of its history has managed to introduce us with a lot of characters which developed since the beginning of the series and they get to become fan-favorite characters.

One of fans’ favorite and one of the most popular characters of the series is Portgas D. Ace ,and presently fans can look at a shiny new story highlighting the fan most loved with the side project novel, One Piece: Ace’s Story.

The novel series is written by Shou Hinata and Tatsuya Hamazaki while including extraordinary cover illustrations from the original arrangement maker Eiichiro Oda, this side project novel highlights Ace’s concealed experiences during the East Blue adventure of the first arrangement. Fortunately, fans in North America would now be able to look at it for themselves because of Viz Media permitting them for an official English language discharge.

One Piece: Ace’s Story novel has been such a hit in Japan, that the arrangement will before long be getting an authority manga adjustment from Dr. Stone talented artist Boichi later on, and now you can get a look into why. Viz Media has praised the novel’s discharge with on original trailer featuring a portion of the feeling and Ace moments coming in the new novel.

One Piece Novel A is an official two-chapter novel arrangement about Portgas D. Pro’s excursion as a pirate. The first portion was discharged in quite a while in the initial three issues of One Piece Magazine before being aggregated into a volume in April 2018. The subsequent volume was discharged in June 2018.

The novel was authoritatively interpreted by VIZ Media and discharged under the title One Piece: Ace’s Story. The first volume turned out in May 2020, while the subsequent volume is set to turn out in September.

Starting in the tenth volume of the One Piece Magazine, the novel will be adjusted into a manga, represented by Boichi.