One Piece Ace novel part 2
Photo: Toei Animation

Ace’s dying in the Shonen series of One Piece was one of the most awful minutes in the franchise made by Eiichiro Oda, and however he may not, at this point be cruising similar oceans as his brother Luffy, that isn’t preventing new stories from being delivered about the fire employing swashbuckler, with another section in transit!

With the story being made by the mangaka liable for Dr. Stone, Boichi, this new interpretation of Luffy’s kin certainly is an unquestionable requirement read for fans of the Grand Line and the gone pirate who had such an effect on the Straw Hat Pirates! Expert met his end during the Marineford Arc, ensuring his sibling with his life while taking a deadly pass up one of the most impressive marines on the planet.

Twitter User Soul Storm OP shared the most recent snippet from Weekly Shonen Jump, affirming that the maker of Dr. Stone, Boichi, will be getting back to the universe of Ace in this side story on February fourth of one year from now, that will keep on indicating Luffy’s brother and his group cruising the Grand Line:

The flame user pirate may be dead, yet that hasn’t prevented him from being a significant piece of the Wano Arc, the most recent storyline that has been pitting the Straw Hat Pirates against Kaido and his Beast Pirates for various portions of both the manga and the anime.

With Ace having visited the secluded country before in his bold vocation, he had an impact on the inhabitants of Wano while endeavoring to satisfy the fantasies of Kozuki Oden to open the outskirts of this overwhelmed progress!

Eiichiro Oda hasn’t been modest in expressing that One Piece’s story maybe finding some conclusion inside the following five years, with the mangaka wanting to bring Luffy’s excursion in turning into the King of the Pirates to a nearby subsequent to running for quite a long time.

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