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Nokuto Koike Launched a new manga titled Gajū (“Hungry Beast“) on Friday in Kodansha’s Comic Days manga application. The manga pursues a hero riding on a tram when a puzzling brute all of a sudden shows up, causing alarm. The primary part is accessible on the Comic Days site, and another section will be included each week.

Koike drew a tribute manga for Dreamworks and Paramount’s Ghost in the Shell movie in February 2017.

Koike worked together as the craftsman with Ryukishi07 on the Hotaru-Bi no Tomoru Koro ni (When the Firefly Light Burns) manga. The manga is a piece of the Koro ni arrangement and pursues a hero going to an eliminated town for a grandma’s memorial service and getting engaged with a survival diversion. The manga launched in Futabasha’s Monthly Action magazine in March 2016 and finished in February 2018.