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Hungry Days collaborated with One Piece to advance its most recent line of cup noodles. This kind of arrangement may appear to odd to fans, however anime arrangement have collaborated for such advancements beneath. Furthermore, for this situation, the collab has indicated fans how One Piece would look on the off chance that it was a cut of life show.

Zoro’s high school days are enlivened with rich activity. Other famous One Piece characters are additionally indicated showing up in the video, including Luffy toward the end.

Rather than cruising the Grand Line, Zoro is a secondary school understudy in this reconsidering, and he longs for turning into an outstanding kendo competitor. Be that as it may, he still can’t seem to increase enough aptitude to beat Mihawk. The reel proceeds to demonstrate Zoro as he experiences his days at school preparing, giving fans a gander at legends like Nami. Before the end, the promotion sees Zoro depleted on the gathering from all his preparation, and he is then drawn nearer by an understudy wearing a well-known looking straw hat.