The award-winning animation anthology known as Love Death + Robots is at long last getting back to Netflix for a second season this year. On Monday morning, the streaming service revealed a trailer for Season 2 of Tim Miller and David Fincher’s series, revealing that the subsequent part would show up on May 14th.

The series had recently been given the greenlight briefly for a second season back in 2019, and although the news had whirled of a potential trailer release, this is the first occasion when we’re getting an authority take a gander at the forthcoming Volume 2, which guarantees similarly as much in the vein of an adult, very NSFW stories told in a striking scope of animation styles.

The trailer likewise affirms that Season 3 of the series will debut in 2022. Originally presented by Tim Miller and David Fincher, Love, Death, and Robots is executive produced by Joshua Donen and Jennifer Miller. Season 2 is being overseen by Miller, with Jennifer Yuh Nelson joining as supervising director.