Photo Credit: Netflix

When it comes to anime, fans have a lot of things that adore like the characters of the series, the animation and one of the things that fans adore the most about an anime is their theme songs.

Different Television arrangement in the U.S. had their prime of theme songs, however Japan has just placed more spotlight on those singles over the most recent couple of decades. With any anime that turns out these days, fans are constantly anxious to look at its subject, and Netflix has begun a noteworthy discussion once again which anime theme song is the best.

Furthermore, as you can envision, the fan-war is getting warmed. Netflix lit the breaker on a period bomb with this inquiry, and fans are going in on their go-to theme song.

It all began the other day when Netflix hit up fans on Twitter to ask fans which anime theme song goes the hardest of them all. It was there followers flocked to share their top picks, and we have collected some of the top-voted picks for you.

Obviously, different shows made the cut, and Attack on Titan came in as an ongoing top pick. The show appeared quite a long while back, yet its first season highlighted the mother of all theme songs that are available. Guren no Yumiya helped introduce another age of anime fans with its booming horns, and fans are eager to protect it as far as possible of days.

Cowboy Bebop got a lot of votes, and it isn’t difficult to perceive any reason why. The snazzy opening has become notable given its lively introduction, and its taking off percussion line just makes the melody that greatly improved.

Obviously, others rushed to present their decision in favor of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and that is something we as a whole observed coming. Cruel Angel Thesis is one of those melodies any anime fan will realize whether they’ve seen Evangelion or not, and that gives the signature tune everlasting cred with fans.

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