Aggretsuko Season 4

The story of Retsuko, a young red panda bookkeeper who is endeavoring to conquer the universes of the workplace space and easygoing dating, is returning for a fourth season as affirmed by Netflix for her nominal anime series in Aggretsuko!

With the third season focusing on Retsuko falling into the universe of “Pop Idols” thanks to some degree to a silly auto crash that made them endeavor to take care of an obligation to the trough of the “OTM Girls”, it will be fascinating to see where the arrangement made by Sanrio keeps on walking forward on the real-time feature!

Aggretsuko adjusts the ordinary all-day work life of a youthful bookkeeper with her “dull mystery” in that she mitigates pressure by strolling into a karaoke foundation and singing passing metal alone. While a greater amount of her loved ones have found Retsuko’s mystery over the three seasons of the anime series, it stays a significant piece of the show and entertainingly offers us the chance to see the hero’s life separated through shrieking passing metal.

Netflix affirmed the appearance of the fourth season through their Official Twitter Account, telling fans that the experiences of “Aggressive Retsuko” would make a return of the streaming service:

The third season finished with Retsuko surrendering the life of a Pop Idol and getting back to her normal everyday job, so it is impossible to say concerning where the fourth season will go with regards to Aggretsuko!