Digimon Adventure: Last Kizuna Film
Photo Credit: Toei Animation

Digimon franchise has left a huge impact on anime fans with different monstrous characters and their evolution and soon enough in February, the franchise is getting ready to come back with a new film titled Digimon Adventure: Last Kizuna.

The Honk Kong based film distributor Neofilms declared on Sunday on their official Facebook page that they will open the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna anime film in Hong Kong in April.

Neofilms released a Chinese-subtitled trailer for the film.


The new film is scheduled to debut on February 21st.

Fathom Events describes the film’s story:

Tai is now a university student, living alone, working hard at school, and working every day, but with his future still undecided. Meanwhile, Matt and others continue to work on creature incidents and activities that help people with their partner Digimon. When an unprecedented phenomenon occurs, the DigiDestined discover that when they grow up, their relationship with their partner Digimon will come closer to an end.

As a countdown timer activates on the Digivice, they realize that the more they fight with their partner Digimon, the faster their bond breaks. Will they fight for others and lose their partner? The time to choose and decide is approaching fast. There is a short time before “chosen children” will become adults. This is the last adventure of Tai and Agumon.

Anime film’s staff members are:

  • Tomohisa Taguchi is directing the film Yumeta Company
  • Akatsuki Yamatoya is writing the screenplay
  • Seiji Tachikawa is the chief animation director
  • Toei Animation is credited for production
  • Hiromi Seki is serving as the supervisor of the new film project
  • Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru as the new film project’s character designer
  • Kenji Watanabe is designing the Digimon monsters
Photo Credit: Toei Animation

Announced cast members for the anime film arrangement include:

  • Natsuki Hanae as Taichi Yagami
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Yamato Ishida
  • Suzuko Mimori as Sora Takenouchi
  • Mutsumi Tamura as Kōshirō Izumi
  • Hitomi Yoshida as Mimi Tachikawa
  • Junya Ikeda as Jō Kido
  • Junya Enoki as Takeru Takaishi
  • M.A.O as Hikari Yagami
  • Chika Sakamoto as Agumon
  • Mayumi Yamaguchi as Gabumon
  • Atori Shigematsu as Biyomon
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Tentomon
  • Kinoko Yamada as Palmon
  • Junko Takeuchi as Gomamon
  • Miwa Matsumoto as Patamon
  • Yuka Tokumitsu as Tailmon

Digimon, another way to say Digital Monster, is a Japanese media establishment enveloping virtual pet toys, anime, manga, computer games, films, and an exchanging game. The establishment centers around the eponymous animals, who occupy an Digital World, an equal universe that began from Earth’s different correspondence systems.

The establishment was made in 1997 as a progression of virtual pets, similar to and impacted in style by the contemporary Tamagotchi or nano Giga Pet toys. The animals were first intended to look adorable and famous even on the gadgets’ little screens; later advancements had them made with a harder-edged style affected by American funnies. The establishment picked up energy with its first anime manifestation, Digimon Adventure, and an early computer game, Digimon World, both discharged in 1999. A few anime arrangements and movies dependent on them have been discharged, and the computer game arrangement has ventured into classifications, for example, pretending, dashing, battling, and MMORPGs.