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Navagraha -Virgin 9 soulS- mangas publisher Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Sirius August issue magazine revealed on Wednesday that the manga will end in the magazine’s next issue on July 26.

The first manga, titled Navagraha – DefenD 9 Triggers-, propelled in Monthly Shonen Sirius in August 2015. Ono and Kondou are credited for the first work. Kobayashi composed the content, and Takatoshi Shiozawa drew the manga and it finished in November 2016.

Kodansha distributed the third and last assembled book volume in March 2018. The restricted release second and third volumes packaged dramatization CDs featuring Kondou as Akira and Ono as Sakuya.

Navagraha -Virgin 9 soulS- Manga Ends in July
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The manga is set in a world where nine people known as the “Kuyō” can summon the power of Buddha to become the strongest people in the world to fight evil. Akira and Sakuya, former Kuyō who lost their powers, live a life of regret. But when a threat arises, they stand up to fight for what is important to them. Now they must find a way to reclaim the power of Buddha and stand against Vishuddha, who is searching for a hibutsu in order to destroy the world.