Naruto Franchise
Photo Credit: JumpJBooks

Shueisha’s JumpJBooks engrave is posting that it will discharge another novel in the Naruto franchise dependent on Masashi Kishimoto’s manga on June 4.

The new novel is titled Naruto: Kakashi Retsuden. Jun Esaka is writing the novel. Kishimoto is himself drawing the novel’s spread picture.

In the novel, Kakashi ends up far away in a nation somewhere down in a mountain run, looking for a legend about the Sage of Six Paths. There, he finds that after the ruler of the nation kicked the bucket, and his little girl progressed toward becoming ruler, the nation has seen no downpour. The child of the lord is known as the “remaining kid,” and Kakashi chooses to prepare the kid to turn into a youthful pioneer.

JumpJBooks is additionally posting that the novel is the first in a “Naruto Retsuden” novel arrangement, yet presently the Kakashi Retsuden epic is the main novel recorded on the site.