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Sentai Filmworks reported on Monday that it has authorized the TV anime adjustment of DMM GamesNamu Amida Bu! – Rendai Utena-diversion under the title NAMUAMIDABUTSU! – UTENA-. Sentai Filmworks has authorized the show worldwide outside of Asia. The organization will stream the arrangement on select computerized outlets this spring and will discharge the arrangement on home video later.

Sentai Filmworks depicts the arrangement:

Sometime before superheroes, there were legends. One of them starts with Shaka Nyorai, whose courage and illumination once spared humankind for eternity. In any case, always is momentary in light of the fact that Mara, the representation of Earthly wants, produces a degenerate alliance with the fallen angel to again visit fierceness and retaliation upon mankind. To counter Mara’s brutal assault, Taishakuten and Bonten, divine creatures, must unite with the Thirteen Buddhas. Could the associated forces of light thrashing the awful assault and spare mankind at their breaking point?

The anime will debut on Tokyo MX and BS11 on April 8, on KBS Kyoto on April 11, and on J:COM on April 12.

Akira Oguro (activity chief for Cinderella Monogatari, The Brave Command Dagwon) is coordinating the anime at Asahi Production (You Don’t Know Gunma Yet, Million Doll, Himegoto). Erika Yoshida (Trickster, Lupin III: Part IV) is responsible for arrangement sythesis. Masato Katou (key artist for Ouran High School Host Club, Ixion Saga DT, Anonymous Noise) is structuring the characters, and Yoshiaki Fujisawa (Love Live! School icon venture, Land of the Lustrous, The Eccentric Family) is forming the music.

Masaaki Mizunaka is playing out the opening signature tune “Amauta” (Heaven Song) as his character Taishakuten, and Chippoke Ōhashi is playing out the completion signature tune “Ruby.”