My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Film's New Villains Quirks Revealed
Photo Credit: Studio Bones

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is rapidly moving toward its showy discharge in Japan, and the subsequent element film exertion from the establishment will present a gathering of incredible new lowlifes going with the strange Nine. The official site for the film as of late uncovered the voices behind two of these new lowliness, and furthermore cleared up their idiosyncrasies.

@aitaikimochi on Twitter revealed the two new scalawags will have peculiarities alluded to by their names in the film with Mummy and Chimera.

Chimera, voiced by Takeuchi Shunsuke has a quirk where he has the characteristics of various animals, giving him fiercesome fighting power as a deformed villain.

Mummy, voiced by Toriumi Kousuke is completely wrapped in bandages from head to toe, and his quirk allows him to control the things that get caught within his bandages. He is a villain with the appearance of a ninja.

The film My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising will open in Japan on December 20 this year. Kenji Nagasaki and Yousuke Kuroda are coming back from the arrangement and the last movie as the executive and scriptwriter, separately. Yoshihiko Umakoshi is structuring the characters, and Yuuki Hayashi is by and by composing the music of the film.