Mr Love: Queen's Choice
Photo Credit: Studio MAPPA

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice anime‘s official website released a brand new trailer for the up and coming anime on Sunday.

The site also released a brand new key visual for the anime.

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice Anime’s Official Website

The site additionally revealed the anime’s gushing administrations and debut dates in Japan, the July 21-August 10 spring up shop in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Marui retail establishment, the August 1-October 4 show and spring up shop at the baseyard tokyo setting, the August 19-September 14 coordinated effort bistro battle at Tokyo’s Animate Cafe Ikebukuro No. 4, and the August 1-September 7 advanced stamp rally for the different Tokyo shops including the anime.

Cast members include:

  • Tomokazu Sugita as Zen
  • Tetsuya Kakihara as Kira
  • Yuuki Ono as Haku
  • Daisuke Hirakawa as Simon

Anime’s staff includes:

  • Munehisa Sakai as the Director
  • Animation Studio: MAPPA
  • Jinshichi Yamaguchi as the Character Designer
  • Kiyoko Yoshimura as the Script Supervisor
  • Emoto Entertainment is producing the anime

In the story of the Mr Love: Queen’s Choice anime, the champion acquired an organization from her late dad and is presently accountable for a TV program as its maker. In any case, the organization is near the very edge of chapter 11 because of the absence of capital. While attempting to spare her dad’s once famous program and friends, she meets four potential “beaus.” However, before she knows it, she is trapped in an enormous intrigue over exceptional forces known as “Evol.”