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Mikasa’s Voice Actor Yui Ishikawa is the new vocalist of the new Linked Horizon melody “13 no Fuyu” (Winter of 13). The melody is incorporated with Linked Horizon’s fourth single Shinjitsu e no Shingeki (Advance to the Truth), which will go discounted on June 19.

On April 1, a piece of the melody was discharged demonstrating that the track had a female vocalist. On Monday, Linked Horizon discharged a short form of the promotion film for “13 no Fuyu” tune only on Japanese video spilling site GYAO!. The video utilizes cuts from the Attack on Titan anime, with attention on Eren and Mikasa as kids.

Photo Credit: google

Yui Ishikawa’s comment to the song:

When I first received this story, I was surprised that it was honest “Hmm!

The song “Attack on Titan” by Revo always reads the story to a very deep point and has often been noticed from the lyrics. 
So, speaking of “Advance × Linked Horizon”, it is like a mass of trust. 
Although I felt that I would like to sing such a song by Revo, I thought that I should not use that feeling like a word for the world of “Attack”, and I was sleeping at the bottom of my heart. 
However, I am very happy to see that dream come true in such a wonderful way! As I, who plays the role, sings, I aimed for an expression that can be done only because of actors and because it is only me. I sing with all my heart.

Please look forward to the release!