Anime Influence on Creed III
Photo: Toei Animation, Google

Michael B. Jordan will reprise his role as Adonis Creed in Creed III in March this year and this will also be his first time directing a film.

Jordan has already expressed his love of anime, and he acknowledged that this affinity influenced the third Creed movie in an interview with The Tonight Show reported by the entertainment website Collider.

Jordan said the following:

“There’s been eight other movies before me, and we’ve shot – you can shoot a boxing match so many different ways. I think ’cause I was kinda put in a corner, it forced me to be more creative and really think outside the box of how to make the fights different…and I had a huge Japanese anime influence on a lot of my fighters.

You got a mouthpiece in sometimes, you got gloves. You’re always depending on so many people. Your team is everything. So, to be able to be in the middle of a boxing scene, honestly, it’s sometimes easier because I can direct while I’m acting. If I need to move you upstage a little bit, I just move a little bit like this, and then I get the shot that I need.

I just grew up on it. I evolved from watching Saturday morning cartoons. Next, I discovered other forms of animation, Disney and Pixar. Then, of course, once the internet really got going, I was able to find animation from Japan. My passion just grew over the years, and I found myself being an avid anime fan.”

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