My Hero Academia Showed Shigaraki’s New Powerful Body

My Hero Academia has made Tomura Shigaraki into the best danger that the miscreant world has ever created. Shigaraki's breaking down characteristic has been supported to the degree of...

Attack on Titan Reveals The New Commander Of The Survey Corps

As the world tumbles down around them, Attack on Titan the Survey Corps is as yet maintaining its own hierarchical conventions. Following the chivalrous demise of Commander Erwin Smith...

Towa Oshima Launches Daishinyū Manga on June 4

Towa Oshima the High School Girls manga creator, on her official Twitter account, announced that she will launch the Daishinyū (Best Friends) manga series on June 4. The manga's story...
One Piece Best Selling

One Piece Surpasses 490 Million Copies In Circulation Worldwide

The worldwide famous creation of Eiichiro Oda, One Piece manga has just outperformed 490 million copies available for use worldwide as of Monday. That incorporates more than 400 million...
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74

Dragon Ball Super Leak Reveals Vegeta’s Fierce New Transformation

Dragon Ball, the franchise created by the worldwide famous manga author Akira Toriyama is one of the series which was mostly known for the characters' transformations where fans managed...
Chama's Inning! Baseball Manga Announced Ending

Chama’s Inning! Baseball Manga Announced Ending

Kadokawa's Shōnen Ace magazine's December issue distributed the last section on Saturday of Chama's Inning! baseball manga. Chama propelled the manga in Shōnen Ace on October 2016, and Kadokawa...
Attack on Titan Chapter 128

Attack on Titan: Connie’s Latest Decision İs Heartbreaking

Warning!!! Spoiler Alert From The Manga!!! Attack on Titan has been going towards its huge finale, with more than 120 chapters of Hajime İsayama's manga, the battle between two sides...
Black Clover Chapter 299

Black Clover Latest Cliffhanger Teases A New Form For Megicula

One of the latest few years' biggest Shonen hits Black Clover is prodding another frightening structure for Satan Megicula at the latest chapters' cliffhanger. The battle against the Dark Triad...
Black Clover Chapter 299

Black Clover Has Just Put Gaja’s Life In Danger

Yuki Tabata's iconic Black Clover has put Gaja's life in danger with the most current cliffhanger of the manga series. The battle against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad and...
One-Punch Man Chapter 149

One-Punch Man’s Atomic Samurai Gets An Extremely Powerful Sword

One-Punch Man, the worldwide famous superhero manga focused on the hero Saitama, has just given the Atomic Samurai an incredible new blade with its freshest manga chapter. The peak of...
Sui Ishida' New Manga

Tokyo Ghoul Creator Reveals His Next Manga

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most famous horror, dark fantasy series of all time that was introduced to fans by creator Sui Ishida, and the anime adaptation by...
My Hero Academia Chapter 360

My Hero Academia Latest Cliffhanger Bakugo’s Greatest Quality Again

Kohei Horikoshi's iconic superhero manga My Hero Academia is setting the UA Academy heroes in opposition to the powers of All For One once and for all. Every hero...

Joshiraku Creators’ Nan kuru Nee-san

The current year's third issue of Kodansha's Young Magazine the Third uncovered on Wednesday that Kōji Kumeta and Yasu's Nan kuru Nee-san manga will finish in the magazine's next issue on February 20.
Elex Media Publishes Edens Zero Manga's First Volume

Elex Media Publishes Edens Zero Manga’s First Volume

Elex Media Komputindo published the first volume of Hiro Mashima's Edens Zero manga in Indonesia on Wednesday. Mashima launched the manga in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine in June 2018....
Fire Force Volume 21

Fire Force Manga’s 21st Volume Includes Booklet With Collection Of Art By Yusuke Murata,...

The exceptional release of the 21st volume of Atsushi Ohkubo's Fire Force manga incorporates an uncommon delineation booklet with an assortment of work of art by numerous individuals of...

Demon Slayer Officially Reached Over 40 Million Copies in Circulation

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba uncovered that the franchise's works will have in excess of 40 million duplicates available for use when the nineteenth gathered book volume of Koyoharu...

The Promised Neverland Officially Ends Next Week

The Promised Neverland has affirmed it will formally reach a conclusion one week from now with the following issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It was made even...
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77

Dragon Ball Super Unveils A Significant Moment Where Bardock Met Goku

Warning!!! Spoiler Alert From Dragon Ball Super Manga's 77th Chapter!!! Dragon Ball Super manga's most recent chapter which is the 77th one dove into the past of the Saiyan...
Berserk Chapter 365

Berserk Shares New Color Art Celebrating The Manga’s Return

Berserk is set to return with new chapters just in a few days and fans are so hyped over the iconic manga's huge return after the legendary creator Kentaro...
Attack on Titan Chapter 132

Attack on Titan Reveals Another Hero Ready For Sacrification

Hajime Isayama's worldwide famous Attack on Titan manga has not a long story left and with each chapter is approaching to its ending. The series never seized to amaze...
Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Manga To End With İts 5th Volume

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale anime film's manga adaptation according to the Book distributor Nippan's Hon no Hikidashi website which announced that is listing the fifth compiled volume of the manga...
Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Manga’s Recent Sales Record İs Unbelievable

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba's success and fame is unavoidable and the anime adaptation with no doubt is the biggest hit of year 2019 and it is the most...
Hunter x Hunter Record

Hunter x Hunter To Break Another Record With Shonen Jump’s Next Issue

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most famous Shonen creations of all time that was introduced to fans quite a long time ago and still stays in the...
Haikyu!! Timeskip Stunned Fans with Surprising Marriage

Haikyu!! Timeskip Stunned Fans with Surprising Marriage

Haruichi Furudate truly confused every one of us with not just a significant time skip that moved the arrangement quite a while into the future, however, uncovered this would...

Shin Takahashi Launches New Manga in April 2019

The April issue of Hakusensha's Melody magazine uncovered on Thursday that Shin Takahashi is propelling another manga titled Kami o Kiri ni Kimashita (I've Come to Cut Your Hair)...
Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 152

Jujutsu Kaisen Prepares Fans For Chapter 152 With A New Teaser

Gege Akutami's creation Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the manga series with fame on its peak nowadays, and it has absolutely amassed a worldwide fanbase which is fascinating. The...
Attack on Titan Unveils Eren's Destructive New Intention

Attack on Titan Unveils Eren’s Destructive New Intention

Warning!!! Spoiler Alert!!! Attack on Titan manga's latest chapter went live on October 9 and for sure is one of the chapters with the most merciless passages in the agnostic...
Fire Force

Fire Force Creator Confirms That The Manga İs Close To İts Finale

Fire Force, the series created by Atsushi Ōkubo currently runs in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and it is one of the most successful action/adventure series ever came on...
Boruto Chapter 60

Boruto Hints The Mysterious Android’s Hidden Powers

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has founded some significant transformations since the legendary creator of the iconic Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, returned to composing obligations for the mainstream ninja Shonen series,...
Supernatural Photographer Saburō Kōno

The Promised Neverland Creators To Draw A Brand New 1-Shot Manga

Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced on their 35th issue that the creators of The Promised Neverland manga Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu will distribute a one-shot manga named "Shinrei Shashinshi...
The Demon Girl Next Door Manga

The Demon Girl Next Door Manga Takes A 2-Month Break Due to Creator’s Health...

Manga maker Izumo Ito declared on Wednesday that they will put their The Demon Girl Next Door manga on a two-month rest to recover from autonomic ataxia. The manga...
Attack on Titan Chapter 121 Cliffhanger

Latest Attack on Titan Chapter Ends With A Huge, Violent Cliffhanger

Warning!!! Spoiler Alert!!! Attack on Titan manga has entered its latest Arc and its getting closer to the finale, every new released chapter reveals arrangements' characters true faces,...
One-Punch Man New Volume 21 Makes Manga's Most Beautiful Cover Spread

One-Punch Man New Volume 21 Makes Manga’s Most Beautiful Cover Spread

One-Punch Man is one of the most cherished activity manga and anime arrangement, and keeping in mind that fans are keen to the work from unique arrangement creator ONE,...
Mikasa and Eren

Attack on Titan Breaks Hearts With Mikasa’s Request From Eren

Warning!!! Huge Spoiler Alert From Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 133!!! Avoid Reading This Article If You Haven't Read The Manga's Latest Chapter!!! Attack on Titan, Hajime İsayama's nihilistic manga...
My Hero Academia New Redemption Arc

My Hero Academia Launches A New Redemption Arc

My Hero Academia is one of the manga series that has perfect timing for a redemption arc which is undoubtedly fascinating. Kohei Horikoshi's worldwide famous creation has oppressed heroes...
Attack on Titan Will Brutally Become The Only Series With No Protagonist Left

Attack on Titan Will Brutally Become The Only Series With No Protagonist Left

Attack on Titan has been anything, it's been a story that demonstrates that not all things are fundamentally in highly contrasting right now giants go out of control, and...
Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day Manga Is Going To Finish On May

The May issue of Square Enix's Monthly Big Gangan magazine uncovered on Thursday that it will distribute the last chapter of Masahiro Ikeno's Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day spinoff...

Kuzumi-kun, Can’t You Read the Room? Manga Announced Ending on June

Square Enix's Gangan Joker magazine uncovered on Wednesday that Mosuko's Kuzumi-kun, Can't You Read the Room? manga will finish in the magazine's next issue on June 22. Kuzumi-kun, Can't You...
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66

Dragon Ball Super Reveals Goku’s Weird New Transformation

“Warning!! be advised that the article contains spoilers!! İf you haven’t read chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super manga then avoid reading this article as we’ll be plunging into some genuine spoiler!” The Dragon...

The Promised Neverland Latest Chapter Drastically Changes Everything

The Promised Neverland has been amidst its last arc as the most recent scarcely any chapters have enormously stirred up business as usual. Emma and different kids mounted an...