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Magical Sempai mangas official website has announced that the series is listed for 12 episodes. Furthermore, the anime is selected to have 1 Blu-Ray disc box in Japan and it’s set to release on December 3.

The first episode aired on July 2 and Crunchyroll is streaming the series as it airs in Japanese broadcast.

Magical Sempai Anime Listed for 12 Episodes
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‘The manga is being published digitally by “Kodansha Comics“, and the story has been described as:’

“I encountered her … a cute, but ‘weird’ sempai!” Magic-loving but stage-fright-addled, this sempaicomes with a failure rate of 100%—but you can’t take your eyes off her! The off-color, magical gag manga that’s caused an uproar all over Japan is finally here! Here’s to non-athletic hobbies!