Photo Credit: NHK Anime

Log Horizon was once promoted as a replacement to Sword Art Online, and the show has held its weight against other Isekai monsters. The third season of Log Horizon is underway, and fans have taken in the show will make a big appearance in January 2021.

NHK the network’s official website shared the data to fans.

The third season will go live on January 13, and a teaser was shared for the anime also. You can see the video here on NHK. The brief mystery gives a synopsis of what happened most as of late in Log Horizon.

It gets with certain teases about season three’s dramatization, and there will be a ton. Furthermore, just in the event that you questioned so a lot, the season went with the complete name Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table to make it self-evident.

The series itself, the arrangement was made in 2010 online by Mamare Touno and Kazuhiro Hara. The pair distributed their first light novel in 2011 and proceed with the story as such from that point forward. Until now, a huge number of manga adaptations have been made of the light novel

Source: NHK