Hot Gimmick
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Toei uncovered the trailer of Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy, live-action film of Miki Aihara‘s Hot Gimmick manga, on Tuesday.

Yūki Yamato (live-action Oboreru Knife movie) is coordinating and writing the film. The film will open in Japan on June 28.

Miki Aihara distributed the manga in Shogakukan’s Betsucomi magazine from 2000-2005, and Shogakukan distributed 12 assembled volumes for the manga. The manga has more than 4.5 million duplicates in print.

Hot Gimmick
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Hot Gimmick is a Japanese shōjo manga by Miki Aihara that was serialized in the Japanese manga collection Betsucomi from December 2000 to July 2005.

Viz Media distributed the Hot Gimmick manga in English, and it describes the story:

In company-owned rabbit-hutch apartments live tenants who can’t afford to live anywhere else, and the apartment complex in which high-school girl Hatsumi Narita lives is ruled over by the rumor mongering, self-righteous Mrs. Tachibana. Get on Tachibana’s bad side, and life becomes hell. When Hatsumi has to buy a pregnancy test because her popular sister Akane is late, Mrs. Tachibana’s son, Ryoki, who used to bully Hatsumi as a kid, promises not to tell the world about Hatsumi’s secret, only if she becomes his slave. Suddenly Azusa, Hatsumi’s protector in their youth, reappears to save her again! He’s moving back into the neighborhood! Despite the budding romance between Hatsumi and Azusa, Ryoki has control over her through the secret that could ruin the lives of everyone in Hatsumi’s family, and he hasn’t forgotten who his slave is!”

Hot Gimmick S is a light novel spinoff of the manga distributed in 2005. It was composed by Megumi Nishizaki and delineated by Miki Aihara. The story centers around the connection among Hatsumi and Shinogu, with Hatsumi describing. Characters from the manga likewise show up and assume little jobs in the story. A couple of new characters are presented too.

The tale additionally presents new monikers never utilized in the manga: Hatsumi calls Akane “Otherwise known as jaw” and Hikaru “Hii-kun”. At two years old, she alludes to herself as “Hami-tan” rather than “Hami-chan,” like in the manga.

At the finish of the novel a scene from volume nine of the manga where Shinogu and Hatsumi review cherished recollections while caught in a lift is included. This segment was erroneously publicized just like a completely new manga chapter about the two.

Viz Media distributed the manga in 12 arranged volumes in 2003-2006, and after that republished the arrangement in four omnibus volumes in 2009. The organization likewise distributed the Hot Gimmick S epic in 2007.