Anime series don’t generally have similar endings as their manga partners. Adapting a manga into an anime isn’t simple. Some anime think that it’s simpler to do that than others, particularly with stories that are all the more handily serialized in scenes that follow comparable pacing as the manga.

This can prompt some significant contrasts between the story the manga tells and the story the anime variation winds up telling, once in a while up to, and including, a totally unique completion.


List Of Anime Series That Didn't Follow Manga's Ending
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Claymore doesn’t adapt the whole manga by the same token. Be that as it may, not at all like Elfen Lied, Claymore does really finish a story curve. Be that as it may, aficionados of the manga have discovered the end of the anime one of the most unacceptable of any anime transformation. The end includes the main character fighting with her foe, the same number of anime of its sort end, however rather than a genuine battle, it’s a simple success, with an unexplained catalyst that left watchers perplexed and upset.

Elfen Lied:

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Elfen Lied is one of a few anime that just adapts part of a manga series. This doesn’t generally leave a story uninspiring or incomplete, and a few anime realize they’ll be getting a set number of scenes and effectively work inside them to adapt a plot. Be that as it may, Elfen Lied in reality just adapted a part of the manga. Additionally, the series doesn’t really have a genuine completion. It closes on an unsuitable, uncertain cliffhanger.

Tokyo Ghoul:

List Of Anime Series That Didn't Follow Manga's Ending
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The amazingly mainstream Tokyo Ghoul anime veers from its manga source material as the arrangement goes on. Also, as can be normal when that sort of thing occurs, that required an alternate ending from that in the manga. Indeed, the whole second season of the series goes a totally unexpected way in comparison to the manga, leaving numerous fans to really consider the narrating there out of a group with the remainder of the series.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

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Fullmetal Alchemist may be the most popular case of an anime that just totally changed the story from the plot of the manga. While a large part of the early story stays as before, the later scenes separate totally from the plot of the manga. The progressions made a fascinating, if now and then puzzling, a story that felt like it was speculating the course of the manga. A couple of years after the fact, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood rebooted the series and all the more firmly followed the plot of the manga.

Soul Eater:

List Of Anime Series That Didn't Follow Manga's Ending
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While not all progressions to an anime finishing from a manga finishing are fundamentally awful, Soul Eater is generally considered by fans to be an outrageous disillusionment. This anime made a lot of changes to the story all in all that essentially changed the ending of the anime, with characters taking various sides in the face or losing conflicts that they may have won in the manga. It prompted fanning out points from the manga that left numerous aficionados of the story disappointed.

Neon Genesis Evangelion:

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Neon Genesis Evangelion is an intriguing case of this wonder and one of only a handful few models that really go backward: it was an anime before it was a manga. The manga was composed and drawn by the character planner for the series, and it is held in high respect by devotees of the anime. Be that as it may, the ending certainly separates from the unusual, and extremely troublesome, finishing of the anime, which left numerous fans feeling insulted.

Death Note:

List Of Anime Series That Didn't Follow Manga's Ending
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The finish of Death Note is foreshadowed basically the second that Light Yagami gets the Death Note and makes an agreement with the Shinigami: in the end, Ryuk will compose Light’s name in the book and kill him. Furthermore, that happens both in the manga and in the anime. Be that as it may, the manner in which it happens is totally unique in every medium. In the manga, the Shinigami has a more straightforward function in Light’s demise while in the anime, he is shot prior to having his name composed.


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The first Hellsing put forth a valiant effort to reliably adapt the manga. The issue, which has been the situation for a few anime throughout the long term, is that the vampire manga was genuinely new at the time that the anime was being made. This implied that a large part of the series wound up being filler. The series additionally got dropped early, leaving it to wrap up its filler bends, with no ideal opportunity to really understand what the ending of the manga was to adapt it.

Shaman King:

List Of Anime Series That Didn't Follow Manga's Ending
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Shaman King has an ending that fans are extremely isolated on. In both the anime and the manga, Hao effectively turns into the Shaman King and chooses to utilize that capacity to devastate mankind, which he accepts doesn’t have the right to keep existing. In the manga, the saints figure out how to persuade him to give the world one more opportunity to demonstrate it has the right to exist. In the anime, in any case, they consider Hao an over of the top danger and execute him all things being equal.

Fruits Basket:

List Of Anime Series That Didn't Follow Manga's Ending
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The first Fruits Basket anime is a case of another sort of tangle that anime creations can in some cases run into while adapting a long-running manga. The manga had much more plot than the anime had the scenes to include. This implied that the story overall was unfathomably downsized, and the closure comes sometime before the real end of the manga story, which includes more characters and other plot focuses notwithstanding the focal romantic tale.

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