Most easygoing fans may not have a clue about this, however, a greater part of anime that they see being adjusted on-screen really starts from manga or light novels.

Manga is Japanese comics that are constantly distributed clearly. Light books are essentially books, which are additionally distributed in Japanese. Well-known mangas are the one that gets adapted into anime. In any case, at times Japanese studios stray away from well-known ideas and make unique anime, otherwise known as a series with no manga.


List Of 8 Anime That Are Not Related To Manga
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Humankind presently lives on two planets Earth and Mars. There is an uncomfortable harmonious union between the occupants of both the planets. 15 years after the truce was marked, Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia of Mars was spared from a death endeavor by Earthling Inaho Kaizuka. Since the endeavored death occurred on Earth, the ceasefire between the two universes is presently broken. It is currently dependent upon Inaho and Princess Allusia to prevent the two planets from pulverizing one another.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica:

List Of 8 Anime That Are Not Related To Manga
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Madoka Kaname had an awful dream, which she in flash excuses as she awakens. Be that as it may, when she sees the young lady from her fantasy (Homura) in her secondary school and gets a secretive admonition from her, she gets stressed. At that point seems a powerful animal that acquaints them with the universe of otherworldly young ladies, where the young ladies can become enchanted young ladies themselves! There is a trick: they should battle and slaughter all witches that hurt the human world.

Cowboy Bebop:

List Of 8 Anime That Are Not Related To Manga
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Set a couple of a very long time, later on, this science fiction activity anime happens in our current reality where the Earth is appalling. Cowhands are abundance trackers who at times avoid the law and some of the time assist it with enduring. Onboard the Bebop spaceship is the lighthearted Spike Spiegel and his more seasoned accomplice Jet Black. Their space ventures consistently land them in some difficulty or the other, and now and again brings about the boarding of some extremely inconvenient travelers too!


List Of 8 Anime That Are Not Related To Manga
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Tokyo’s area of Ikebukuro may appear to be quiet and tranquil on a superficial level, however, there’s a war fermenting underneath that extremely surface. First off, strict group wars are going on, which likewise include adolescent young men in them! At that point, there are bits of gossip about a headless dark shadow that has purportedly been seen riding a bicycle. Obviously, none of this would be finished without people’s presence with otherworldly strength and the failure to feel any agony. Anyway, what precisely is this city?

Code Geass:

List Of 8 Anime That Are Not Related To Manga
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The Empire of Britannia rules over Japan, regarding the locals as peons in their own country. Youthful Lelouch despises the Britannian Empire and guarantees his companion Suzaku that he would figure out how to annihilate the domain. Help comes as an otherworldly capacity called Geass, which helps Lelouch cause individuals to do anything he wishes. So he wears the character of a vigilante named Zero and promises Japan’s freedom from the grip of the Britannian domain.

Violet Evergarden:

List Of 8 Anime That Are Not Related To Manga
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Violet is a high school young lady, a vagrant prepared from her adolescence to be a youngster warrior. Continuously treated as a disposable weapon, Violet has never understood what generosity and love are. After the war closes, she ends up working at the CH Postal Services. Here, she chooses to fill in as an Auto Memory Doll. Violet at long last can make new companions, help individuals discover the words to communicate, and is likewise ready to connect with her feelings.


List Of 8 Anime That Are Not Related To Manga
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In Promepolis, its residents are threatened by a gathering of fear mongers who consider themselves the Mad Burnish. Galo Thymos is important for the Burning Rescue crew, whose lone point is to catch however many fear mongers as could be allowed. At some point, Galo can catch the head of the Mad Burnish gathering, Lio Fotia. Along these lines starts his excursion of finding a side of “reality” he had never known.

Death Parade:

List Of 8 Anime That Are Not Related To Manga
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At the point when individuals kick the bucket, their spirits go to a solid bar named Quindecim. Their activities there choose whether they will be resurrected or be shipped off the void. Compelled to mess around where they in a real sense wager their lives on the result, individuals regularly draw out the most noticeably terrible in themselves. Noticing everything discreetly are Decim and his gathering of powerful companions. Each activity, response (or scarcity in that department) of every spirit is judged, and afterward, he gives his last decision.

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