Kyoto Animation Statement
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A week ago, one of Kyoto Animation‘s lofty studios was focused by an arsonist, and the fire killed 34 representatives while harming handfuls more. Presently, Kyoto Animation has made a statement on the disaster, and the organization is in profound grieving over the appalling misfortune it has encountered.

“Many promising young lives employed under our company were lost or hurt by the incident that occurred on the 18th of July, 10:30 AM on this first year of Reiwa,” one of the studio’s first statements read.

“The futures of young men and women from all over the country dedicated to animation who have for many years created many works under our company have been closed off. There are truly no words to describe the lament and distress caused by this event,” Kyoto Animation continued before adding, “The details of the incident are as described the Fushimi Police Department. There are no further words to be said from us regarding that.”

“Currently, we are expanding all of our efforts to assist the family and relatives of the injured and deceased.”

In another statement, the CEO shared their own feelings on the tragedy as Hideaki Atta hopes the studio can continue the journey the if their fans back them up.

“We have many projects planned, and we take everyone’s feelings seriously. We hope to inherit those wishes and carry through as much as we can. As manager, I don’t want our futures to be lost because of this,” 

Kyoto Animation Statement
Photo Credit: Kyoto Animation

Up until this point, examinations are progressing with the incendiarism, and experts in Japan have the pyro criminal in authority. Shinji Aoba was discovered simply outside the crime scene with extreme copies which are being treated by medicinal experts. Aoba was arrested where reports state observers caught the man imparting his complaints to the organization.

The Kyoto Animation Studio itself was established in 1981, making such anime TV top picks as K-On!Free!, and Full Metal Panic. The studio was additionally in charge of some darling anime movies, for example, A Silent Voice, K-On! The Movie, and Free! Take Your Marks to give some examples.

Kyoto Animation Studio had been cited similar to the “first successful animation studio outside of Japan” and as “having an indelible impact on Japan’s Animation industry”.

Fans all around the world have been showing their grief and support to Kyoto Animation Studio while sharing the hashtag #PrayForKyoAni online.