Longer than a year back, in excess of 30 representatives working in Kyoto Animation Studio 1 was murdered when a man put a match to the structure. In the months since the assault, Kyoto Animation has come back to work in stages, and another report proposes the organization has devoted that opportunity to another show.

One article by Yomuri Shinbun proceeded to state that Kyoto Animation has started to make a totally new TV Anime series, and fans think they have made sense of what title is being chipped away at. Kyoto Animation affirmed it had plans to adjust Nijuuseiki Denki Mokuroku. The news was declared back in July 2018, however, almost no advancement was made on the show before the studio was assaulted.

‘Nijuuseiki Denki Mokuroku’ is a Japanese light novel written by Hiroshi Yuuki and illustrated by Kazumi Ikeda, with art and background by Momoka Nagatani.

Kyoto Animation Reportedly Started The TV Anime Production Of Nijuuseiki Denki Mokuroku Novel Series

Synopsis: Summer of 1907, the 40th year of the Meiji era. 15-year-old Inako Momokawa lives in the Fushimi area of Kyoto and is the second daughter of a sake brewer. Nothing she does ever comes outright, and she receives a scolding from her father every day. Her only relief is the trust she places in her prayers to the gods. One day while at Fushimi Inari shrine, she meets a freewheeling young man named Kihachi Sakamoto. He rejects the gods and boasts of the incoming age of electricity.

The topic of marriage suddenly comes up in Inako’s household. Her father is one-sidedly making all the decisions for her, and Inako is about to give up hope. It is then that Kihachi draws out Inako’s true feelings of wanting to run away from her family. The only way to stop her marriage is to find an unusual book called the “Electricity Catalog.” The book is a prediction book about electricity that Kihachi wrote when he was a child, but his older brother Seiroku took the book, and its current whereabouts are unknown. Inako and Kihachi together go in search of the book across Kyoto and Shiga prefectures.