Kosaku Shima
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The current year’s 35th issue of Kodansha‘s Morning magazine uncovered on Thursday that Kenshi Hirokane‘s Shima Kōsaku (Kosaku Shima) manga will get another arrangement in the 38th issue on August 22.

The past Kaichō Shima Kōsaku (Chairman Kosaku Shima) manga likewise finished in the magazine on Thursday.

Kosaku Shima
Photo Credit: Kodansha

Kosaku Shima is an accumulation of different manga arrangement by Kenshi Hirokane, began with the first arrangement Kachō Shima Kōsaku that covers the development and profession of an anecdotal salaryman named Kōsaku Shima.

The arrangement kept running from 1983–1992 under this title, winning the 1991 Kodansha Manga Award in the General category. As of 2013, the arrangement has sold more than 40 million duplicates in Japan.

It portrays the life of a salaryman, a Japanese professional laborer who commits his life to his organization. The manga has additionally been distributed as 7 bilingual volumes (on Japanese and English) called Division Chief Kosaku Shima and President Kosaku Shima and in French and German. Notwithstanding different manga, there has likewise been one comedic ONA, and two comedic anime adjustments enduring 11 episodes each, a live-action film, and a single episode TV drama. The character additionally goes about as the “host” or confining gadget for a business narrative arrangement on NHK World, Shima Kosaku’s Asian Entrepreneurs.

Toward the beginning of the long-running arrangement, Shima Kōsaku is a kachō, or area boss, of an enormous aggregate, Hatsushiba Electric. He is later elevated to buchō and in the long run elevated to supervisor and official chief, and with every advancement, the title of the arrangement changed too. He was elevated to the leader of Hatsushiba Electric, and the title changed to “Shachō” Shima Kōsaku, which signifies “President Kōsaku Shima”. The anecdotal aggregate is designed according to Panasonic, or Matsushita Electric, where Hirokane worked previously and is exceptionally exact in its depiction of Japanese corporate culture.