Photo Credit: Kadokawa

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Natsume Akatsuki’s unique web novel for the arrangement reached a conclusion after five volumes in 2013 and has since been adjusted into a multi-volume light novel and anime franchise. Natsume Akatsuki’s official Twitter account affirmed that the last light volume of the Konosuba arrangement will be discharging as programmed in spite of coronavirus pandemic concerns.

Volume 17 of the arrangement is presently booked to hit stores on May first in Japan. “It will be discharged in May with no problems. You can see the Chibi-characters recently drawn by Mishima-sensei in the table of contents.

With the last volume of the arrangement presently planned for its discharge, and a film authoritatively in the books, presently the table is set for a significant rebound for the anime arrangement.

Source: Natsume Akatsuki Official Twitter Account