Finally, it appears to be the anime industry is going to blessing fans with a much-needed series. In the event that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, the fans behind Komi Can’t Communicate have been requesting the series to get a little screen adaptation, and their supplications more likely than not work.

All things considered, the hit romantic comedy is getting an anime, and the uncover was made with an uncommon trailer! Over in Japan, the main trailer has gone live for Komi Can’t Communicate went live. The reel was released as a feature of the show’s general declaration, so you can perceive any reason why fans were hyped.

All things considered, the trailer shows Komi in the entirety of her off-kilter charm, and the equivalent goes for Tadano who has gone completely gaga for the young lady. As per the large announcement, Komi Can’t Communicate will go live this October on TV Tokyo. No overseas licensing deals have been announced for the show at this point.

Obviously, stateside fans are crossing their fingers for a simulcast, and one appears prone to happen given how famous Komi Can’t Communicate has become.