Kodansha Announced that 'Magical Sempai'
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The current year’s 21st issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine uncovered on Monday that AZU’s Magical Sempai manga will take “around” a one-month break. Kodansha will report the manga’s arrival once arrangements are done on the magazine’s authentic site and Twitter account.

The article office clarified that this new break will be so as to balance out the production. AZU will likewise be sorting out their work so as to plan for the up and coming TV anime adjustment of the manga.

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Kodansha Comics is distributing the manga and it portrays the story:

”I experienced her … an adorable, yet strange sempai!” Magic-cherishing, however, arrange fear discombobulated, this sempai accompanies a disappointment rate of 100%—yet you can’t take your eyes off her! The disagreeable, enchanted stifler manga that is caused a hubbub all over Japan is at long last here! Here’s to non-athletic side interests!