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Kingdom manga live-action film official English sub trailer published by Funimation on its official Youtube channel. Funimation also stated that they will screen the film in the U.S and Canada on August 16, 2019.

The films story has been described by Funimation:

“Orphaned by war, a young boy and his friend dream of changing their fate and becoming the world’s greatest generals. And after his friend sacrifices himself to protect the future emperor, the young boy’s path to greatness is set in motion. Helping the King reclaim the throne puts the boy’s blade to the ultimate test as they go against deadly assassins, large armies, and the dangerous mountain clan. In a country torn apart by war, only they can fight to unite the warring states!”

Kingdom Film English Sub Trailer Released
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Kingdom’s maker Yasuhira Hara recently uncovered that a cutting edge film of his arrangement had been green-lit. The creator expressed he participated in content gatherings, lauding the ‘wonderful‘ screenplay, the ‘exceptional‘ spending plan, and everybody in the ‘ultra-excellent‘ throws, featuring Kento Yamazaki and Directed by Shinsuke Sato. The movie was discharged on April 19, 2019.