Kaze Hikaru Manga Reaches Climax
Photo Credit: Shogakukan

Shogakukan Flowers magazine November issue uncovered that Taeko Watanabe’s Kaze Hikaru manga is entering its peak in the magazine’s next issue in October.

Viz Media distributes the manga in English, and it depicts the story:

In the year 1863, a period full of rough social change, samurai warriors of varying backgrounds run to Kyoto in the expectation of joining the Mibu-Roshi – a band of warriors joined around their undying faithfulness to the Shogunate framework. In time, this gathering would, in the long run, become one of the best (and most notorious) progressive developments in Japanese history… the Shinsengumi!

Into this furious milieu steps Kamiya Seizaburo, a youthful, would-be warrior who, however ailing in battle involvement, has a searing energy to both guide the Mibu Roshi in their central goal and to vindicate his illegitimately killed family. One of the gathering’s most talented (and juvenile) swordsman, the unbelievable Okita Soji, consents to encourage Seizaburo. Be that as it may, what nobody associates, in particular, Soji, is that Seizaburo is really a young lady named Tominaga Sei in camouflage! Will she have the option to turn into a warrior and shroud her actual character?