Junji Ito’s Uzumaki is intended to be released later this year with an anime adaptation on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim with maybe the most steadfast interpretation of Ito’s heavenly artwork that we’ve seen to date, however, it appears as though this probably won’t be the only series that is right now underway as tales have arisen that an announcement is coming as ahead of schedule as this Monday.

Following the narratives that were composed and drawn by Ito in The Junji Ito Masterworks Collection which accumulated some of his frigid manga stories, anticipate that spooky news in the future should land. The assortment assembles some of Ito’s accounts that were distributed from 2011 to 2013, holding eleven volumes and uniting some of the frightfulness mangaka’s spookiest stories. This would barely be the first event when that we’ve seen an anime adaptation made for Ito’s work, as 2018 gave us the Junji Ito Collection, which numerous fans accepted couldn’t satisfy the craftsmanship of the expert himself.

On top of this current, Ito’s off-putting story known as Gyo getting a full-length animated film that worked really hard of adjusting that frightening story that saw fish rising out of the ocean, stepping on spider-like legs while tainting the world with a secretive gas.

Junji Ito’s works have likewise gotten various surprisingly live-action adaptations, with both Uzumaki and Tomie getting full-length films in the previous years. In spite of the fact that Tomie was set to get a new TV series through the live-action feature of Quibi, the shuddering of the stage brought about the creation shutting its entryways too.

Source: Anime News Network