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Jujutsu Kaisen realizes how to draw up some drama, and the manga helped fans to remember that this week with its new chapter. The big update uncovered a lot of mysteries about Yuta, Megumi, and even Yuji as it closed.

What’s more, in the absolute worst manner, fans have found Yuji’s bloodline is a long way from what they anticipated that all thanks should his mom. The entire issue came up when Jujutsu Kaisen monitored Yuji and Yuta after their big fight. With the last having been uncovered as a partner, Yuji can think about his past in harmony.

Fans were given a look into that set of experiences, and it turns out Yuji’s dad Jin had the kid with his second spouse after he first kicked the bucket grievously. Also, when you see Yuji’s mom, you will see the scar on her temple. As you can find in Jujutsu Kaisen, the scar on his temple folds over precisely the same way Geto and Kamo had theirs. The lady has her scar mended more so than we’ve seen however the examinations are difficult to deny.

At the point when you consider how watchful Yuji’s granddad was of the lady, you can perceive any reason why fans are worrying ridiculous, and that is all gratitude to Brain. At the present time, the most common hypothesis is that Brain did what he did over 100 years prior. It was affirmed during the Death Painting arc that Brain detained a lady and investigated her to bring forth human-revile half breeds.

Fans are persuaded Brain moved to an alternate lady to accomplish something comparable, and one of the pregnancies brought about Yuji.