Photo Credit: Studio MAPPA

Jujutsu Kaisen is planning to be one of the greatest new releases this fall in the 2020 Anime release window, the arrangement has released the final trailer for its anime arrangement to give fans thought of the otherworldly experiences and fights that are available.

The manga has gotten a success inside the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, with 8.5 million copies as of now available for use. Jujutsu Kaisen is set to release not long from now, acquainting a totally new world with anime watchers wherein a group of high schoolers endeavors to battle against the powerful universe of curses and beasts.

Crunchyroll describes the series:

”Hardship, regret, shame: the negative feelings that humans feel become Curses that lurk in our everyday lives. The Curses run rampant throughout the world, capable of leading people to terrible misfortune and even death. What’s more, the Curses can only be exorcised by another Curse.

Itadori Yuji is a boy with tremendous physical strength, though he lives a completely ordinary high school life. One day, to save a friend who has been attacked by Curses, he eats the finger of the Double-Faced Specter, taking the Curse into his own soul. From then on, he shares one body with the Double-Faced Specter. Guided by the most powerful of sorcerers, Gojo Satoru, Itadori is admitted to the Tokyo Metropolitan Technical High School of Sorcery, an organization that fights the Curses… and thus begins the heroic tale of a boy who became a Curse to exorcise a Curse, a life from which he could never turn back.”