Todo new attack
Photo: Mappa

Jujutsu Kaisen‘s next episode preview is teasing Aoi Todo’s unique method! Scene 19 of the series brought the Kyoto Goodwill Event arc to an exceptional new level as the battle formally started against the tremendous reviled soul, Hanami. While the battles between the Tokyo and Kyoto Jujutsu Tech schools were at that point exceptional, the presentation of a genuine foe has sent that force heavenward.

Much the same as Mahito and Jogo previously, Hanami is an interesting reviled soul that can talk and has its own beliefs and wants. However, dissimilar to those two, this one appears to be undeniably more risky. Episode 19 of the series saw Yuji Itadori and Aoi Todo form an incredible label group that saw both of them making extraordinary steps against this intense rival. However, both of them just served to additionally energize Hanami at the possibility of fighting more.

So as the scene reached a conclusion, Todo prodded he would release his own mysterious strategy and the review for the following scene prods that a tad. Episode 20 of the series is named “Nonstandard,” and lamentably like the entirety of the reviews previously, this one passes by a long shot excessively fast. In any case, there are some significant subtleties to get.

The first is apparently a re-visitation of Todo’s secondary school dream life that initially saw him envisioning a daily existence in which he and Yuji were closest companions, and the second is Todo actuating his reviled energy. Concerning what Todo’s mysterious strategy is, there was really a trace of what it very well may be towards the beginning of the bend. At the point when the Kyoto understudies were assaulting Yuji, Todo apparently traded two of the warriors to save Yuji and test the contender’s force himself. The genuine secret is the way this method works, and whether it will really be valuable in a fight.