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From the muscle-went to the intelligent Satoru, each character in Jujutsu Kaisen has an interesting character to bring to the table. Just as being loaded with astonishing battles and ravishing activity, Jujutsu Kaisen includes some unfathomably clever humor and the absolute most interesting characters in shonen.

A portion of the characters loans themselves to satire well overall, with a portion of their most eminent minutes being out and out amusing. Shonen anime can traditionally unite components of activity and anticipation with character-driven satire.


Mahito is a genuinely miserable and underhanded character. In any case, he has his interesting minutes. From his misrepresented outward appearances to his banter relationship with the other reviled spirits, he offers fans a lot of engaging minutes, just as a ton of motivations to abhor his guts. His profound disdain for Yuji/Sukuna is additionally very entertaining, as it drives his activities in this second 50% of the show. He’s a malevolent brain with fearsome force, with a steady grin all over which makes him so entirely punchable. In any case, he’s an amazing opponent for Yuji and he has a lot of senseless minutes when he’s not meddling with the heroes, so while he might be a reprobate, he’s one to treasure.

Toge Inumaki:

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Inumaki has an authority of Cursed Speech and an undeniable degree of knowledge. In any case, when he’s fixing away his force, he turns into somewhat of a nitwit. In his every day, he conveys simply by saying fixings found in off-putting rice balls, similar to salmon, fish chips, and kelp. This makes him a particular character to have around, as one of those calm however smart characters who watchers can’t completely see yet make some great memories observing in any case. His great connection with his kindred second-year understudies at Jujutsu High is likewise satisfying to see, as he chases after them ringing in with the odd fixing to a great extent. He both at the same time says nothing and everything with every interposition.

Kasumi Miwa:

While a ton of the understudies from the Kyoto school are very tough and sensational, Miwa is entirely kind, dopey, and clever. She’s just one of her schoolmates who would at first not like to execute Yuji, yet rather simply needs every one of the understudies to get along. She additionally fangirls over acclaimed magicians like Satoru Gojo, to where she pursues him down for a selfie. Miwa doesn’t rate herself exceptionally as a magician, having a method that is effortlessly beaten during the occasions of the anime. Notwithstanding, she stays exceptionally resolved to warm up to everybody and make an honest effort. Her loss to Maki during the Goodwill Event is most likely probably the most entertaining second, with her response to Maki escaping with her blade being precious.

Kento Nanami:

Nanami is careful and wary. All that he does is done systematically and to the norm of a high-performing Japanese money manager. This exacting unbending nature reaches out to his Jujutsu procedures, where he acquires a monstrous force help when compelled to battle during hours that would be considered ‘additional time’ at work. His idiosyncratic strategy combined with his expert nature makes him a great character to watch, particularly as he prods his foes during battle. The general thought of a salaryman alchemist is astonishing, and the anime truly dominates at rejuvenating this humourous character model.

Nobara Kugisaki:

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Nobara is excessively certain about her capacities, to where she’s glad to butt-heads with Yuji. While most characters in the show are all around harmless, Nobara backs up her consistent backtalk for certain amazing powers. At the point when she’s not being the epitome of young lady power, she’s joining Yuji in the prodding of Megumi or having a comical fight with characters like Mai. The best thing about Mai is the means by which she can go from kidding to lethal genuine in 0.1 seconds, and this prompts a portion of her best minutes in the story. She has incredible associations with different magicians and he stands heads above other female shonen heroes as somebody who can be both interesting and genuine.

Yuji Itadori:

Yuji stands apart among commonplace shonen heroes by having a truly amiable and relatable character. He doesn’t have much in the methods of smarts, yet he is truly honorable in his endeavors to save everybody and be the best magician he can be. His character likewise skips well off of a great deal of the supporting characters in the cast, from his soul sibling Aoi Todo to his crazy tutor Satoru Gojo. Yuji is another character that can go from jokes to power quickly, and seeing him change from being a numskull to the hero individuals need him to be is fulfilling. He goes about as an incredible establishment for the entirety of different characters in the show to thrive and develop, and his cheerful nature makes him clever to spectate.


Panda’s idea as a character is somewhat funny. A panda doll who acquired consciousness and now concentrates as a jujutsu alchemist makes for a loveable mascot character. Join this with the extraordinary science he has with his cohorts, his craving to be companions with everybody, and his entertaining battling style makes for a great character to watch. The manner in which he pummels rivals with his huge rear is particularly entertaining. He can be not kidding when he should be, yet generally, Panda is at his best when he’s prodding his adversaries and colleagues the same. He has some particularly entertaining minutes in the Jujutsu Scrolls that occur toward the finish of every scene.

Aoi Todo:

Task put watchers in lines during the Goodwill Event. There’s simply such a great amount to cherish about him, from his manly relationship with Yuji to the comedic splendor of his procedure ‘Boogie Woogie.’ He’s another expressive character that pulls some astonishing countenances in the show and conveys some entertaining exchange, particularly when it concerns his made-up past with Yuji and his fixation for his object of worship squash. The power he has with Yuji joined with the contempt he gets from different characters makes him a longshot you can’t resist the urge to support. He may have some truly problematic perspectives on fellowship and ladies, however, Todo is both a great magician and an overall interesting person.

Satoru Gojo:

The most overwhelmed character in the anime by a long shot, Satoru’s trust in his capacities prompts some clever minutes where he goes over the edge with his capacities and prods his rivals pitilessly. Satoru likewise gets the absolute best craftsmanship varieties in the show, routinely appearing as a derpy form of himself to ease off the volume. Satoru knows he’s the awesome exploits, utilizing each chance he can to have some good times and do fascinating things. Some would address that he is so dedicated to his job as a tutor, as it seems like he’d prefer to start ruckuses and perform tricks the entire day, yet remember that for all the comedic esteem he gives the show, everything conceals a madly incredible, enormous individual.

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