Japan Welcomes Pope Francis With Custom Anime Otaku Style

Japan is constantly anxious to welcome the Catholic figurehead when they come around, however, it took almost forty years for the Pope to come back to the Land of the Rising Sun. Pope Francis made his approach to Japan not very far in the past, and local people had the ideal method to respect the strict pioneer with anime-otaku pizazz!

Pope Francis made his first stop in Nagasaki where Japan originally grasped Christianity. After an excursion to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, the pioneer made a beeline for Tokyo where he was given a unique blessing by devotees.

It was there local people gave the lead a glad half-cover with some propitious plans. An obvious symbol style, an adorable picture of the Pope was imprinted onto the coat, and it would fit in any anime out there. The remainder of the texture highlights different blooms, and fans concede the coat emits a shojo vibe. Via: (SoraNews24)