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Manga Park’s official Twitter account uncovered on Friday that the following part of Nokoshi Yamada’s IDOLiSH7 manga will be the last section. The application will distribute the 37th section into two sections. The manga also reports that if there are no breaks the manga will finish on June 28.

Idolish7 is a Japanese mood game created and distributed by Bandai Namco Entertainment with music joint effort by Lantis for Android and iOS platforms, which originally discharged in Japan on August 20, 2015. The undertaking highlights character structure by Arina Tanemura. Idolish7 has generated a few manga adjustments and novelizations.

The manga will finish on June 28.
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The Story Has Been Described:

The player assumes the role of Tsumugi Takanashi, an inexperienced manager for a new idol group under her father’s small agency. The idol group is named “IDOLiSH7,” and consists of seven male singers, each with their own unique personality and background. She must train and turn all of them into the famous idols, all the while struggling against the hardships of the entertainment industry.

An anime adjustment was first declared during a Niconico live stream occasion on August 19, 2016. Crunchyroll authorized the arrangement for spilling as the anime at the same time pretense in Japan.