ID: Invaded Anime is Listed with 13 Episodes
Photo Credit: Studio NAZ

ID: INVADED anime’s official website declared that the anime will get two Blu-ray Disk box discharges. The primary box will deliver on April 24 and incorporate six episodes, and the subsequent box will transport on June 26 and incorporate seven episodes, for an aggregate of 13 episodes. Each crate will package a novel by the anime’s scriptwriter Otaro Maijo.

The arrangement debuted with the initial two episodes in a one-hour exception on January 5. Funimation is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan.

Anime’s staff members are:

  1. Ei Aoki is directing the anime
  2. Otaro Maijo is the scriptwriter
  3. Atsushi Ikariya is designing the characters based on the original designs of Yūki Kodama
  4. Yoshihiro Sono is credited for art and world setting
  5. Daisuke Mataga is the main animator
  6. Takehiro Kubota is the assistant director
  7. Emi Chiba is in charge of color design
  8. Keita Shimizu, Ai Asari, Asuka Mamezuka, Norie Igawa, and Momoko Kawai are animators for the project
  9. U/S is composing the music
  10. MIYAVI’s “Other Side” anime’s ending theme song

Funimation describes the anime:

Set in a virtual world, the visually stunning ID: INVADED follows Sakaido, a detective looking to solve the grisly murder of Kaeru, a young girl. But solving this case is unlike any other as the world begins to twist and turn around Sakaido, challenging what he thinks and believes“.