Gon vs Hisoka
Photo: Madhouse

Hunter x Hunter is the most recent project to be made by RE:ANIME, and fans have been trusting that the channel will advance its fan-film focused on Gon. It wasn’t quite a while in the past the hit channel affirmed it was dealing with a surprisingly realistic project of Hunter x Hunter as the announcement both exciting and startling fans.

It is no simple errand to adjust an anime as high speed as Hunter x Hunter, yet as you can see over, the group at Re:Anime did exactly that. The channel has advanced its full fan-film enumerating perhaps the greatest battle in Hunter x Hunter. Gon appears in this film as he plans to confront Hisoka again.

The kid’s pride is in question as he faces down the furious Nen user, and Hisoka couldn’t be more joyful to see the promising little youngster. You can watch the fan-film above to choose for yourself how it sits with you. The film is around ten minutes in length with a lot of enhanced visualizations and action choreography. Jackie Tran was gotten to play Gon while Yoshi Sudarso directed the entirety of Hisoka’s minutes.

It’s implied the pair dove into profound for their jobs, and Sudarso’s interpretation of Hisoka is as dreadful as you could need. This is only the most recent true to life project created by RE:ANIME, and it is hardening the studio’s advancing style with anime.