Horimiya TV Anime Releases New Key Visual

Horimiya has released a new key visual just before Valentine’s Day! Hiroki Adachi’s unique romantic comedy series is presently clearing its path through its since quite a while ago foreseen anime pursues perhaps the most-watched sentiment debuts of the most recent couple of years. With the anime adaptation now a couple of episodes in, the series has advanced the primary connection between the nominal Hori-san and Miyamura-kun.

This couple is simply going to draw much nearer before the anime reaches a conclusion, and that is reflected in the most up to date key visual for the series. The official Twitter account behind Horimiya’s anime has released a new key visual for the adaptation without a moment to spare for the sentimental event, and it prods exactly how much nearer both of them will get. There’s one major giveaway in the visual, notwithstanding, as it teases an impending makeover for Miyamura that sees him shed off a lot of his long hair that he had been utilizing to conceal his piercings.

He’s likewise not wearing glasses! You can look at it for yourself underneath:

The fifth episode of the series saw the two developing nearer than any time in recent memory as Hori grasped the way that Miyamura officially admitted to her, and obviously, this pair is simply going to draw that much nearer starting here on.