Hiroshima A-Bomb Victims Gets Short Anime Stories
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To You Whom I Loved the Anime: Letters From Atomic Bomb Victims program will be a 45-min and will make a big appearance on NHK General in the Chūgoku district on August 2 at 7:57 p.m. The program will comprise of three anime shorts and an in the background narrative concentrating on casualties of the nuclear shelling in Hiroshima and their friends and family.

NHK’s Hiroshima broadcasting office started gathering stories from nuclear besieging survivors and their loved ones out of 2007. The system picked three stories from the in excess of 2,200 it got to adjust into anime for the program.

Hiroshima A-Bomb Victims Gets Short Anime Stories

The program will incorporate the component 10-minute short “Yaman e no Tegami” (Letter to Yaman); the five-minute shorts “Anata ga Ite, Watashi ga Ite,” and “Chichi to no Wakare”; and a 20-minute in the background narrative that will highlight the makers of the anime with the general population who composed the their own accounts. The anime will concentrate on the Hiroshima nuclear bombarding itself, yet in addition the day by day lives of the included individuals when the episode.

Okko’s Inn executive of photography Michiya Katou, chief Kitarō Kōsaka, and craftsmanship chief Youichi Watanabe rejoined for “Yaman e no Tegami.” Katou coordinated the short, Kousaka filled in as character architect, and Watanabe was workmanship executive. Takahiro Gotō was executive of photography, and Yuri Habuka created the music.

Best in class anime maker Hana Ono coordinated “Anata ga Ite, Watashi ga Ite,” and Hiroshima City University created “Chichi to no Wakare.” Kaya Kiyohara will fill in as the project’s host and star as the primary character in “Yaman e no Tegami.”

In the wake of debuting on NHK General in the Hiroshima territory on August 2, “Anime Daisuki Datta Anata e Hibakusha kara no Tegami” will air on NHK BS1 on August 8 at 9:00 p.m., and on NHK General all through Japan on August 9 at 26:00.