Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan
Photo Credit: google

The broadcasting station Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting declared on Friday that it is delivering a short anime titled Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan that will make a big appearance on the channel this mid-year. The anime is motivated by the results of Fukuoka city‘s notable Hakata ward. The anime will focus on a walleye pollock roe (mentaiko) pixie named Pirikarako-chan as she takes care of the issues of other sustenance pixies in a shopping area in a city like Hakata.

Taketomo Ishikawa is coordinating the anime and is additionally credited for character plan and prop structure. Shingo Irie is composing and supervising the anime’s content. Manabu Keita is credited for craftsmanship board and setting. Norifumi Nakamura is the workmanship executive.

Sakiko Teguramori is accountable for shading setting. Tomoya Hosaka is the executive of photography. Yuki Honda is the proofreader. Shiori Yamazaki is the sound executive. Tetsuya Kobayashi is forming the music. G-angle is credited for sound generation and creation