Oikawa's Return
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Haikyu!!, the fan favorite sports anime which is the anime adaptation of Haruichi Furudate’s famous manga with the same name is getting ready to end of the fourth season and the series has been one of the biggest hits of the year 2020 where fans have been loving every moment of it.

The show restored this colder time of year with the second half of its continuous season, and it has put a significant spotlight on Karasuno. The pack is in its greatest competition to date as Hinata goes after his public’s objective, yet the sum total of what center has been taken from the group all thanks to the special promo.

All things considered, it turns out Toru Oikawa has chosen to beauty our quality without precedent for a long time. The Aoba Josai whiz was appeared for a concise second in the promotion for Haikyu!!’s next episode, yet that was sufficient to get the Haikyu!! character trending worldwide on Twitter.

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This is actually enough for fans to put him on the trends. The main thing fans saw of Oikawa was his ear, and that was sufficient to make fans go ballistic. The kid was seen with an earbud simply like he is in the manga, so readers realize what is coming straightaway. All things considered, it is extremely unlikely Oikawa would miss watching Karasuno’s match, and fans are anxious to be brought together with the commander finally.

You can check out fans’ reactions to Oikawa’s return

Haikyu!! To The Top anime’s first half with 13 episodes debuted from January to April 2020 and the second half debuted in October, 2020.

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