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The anime adaptation of Haruichi Furudate’s worlwide famous Haikyu!! manga is getting ready to wrap its fourth season soon and the anime’s most recent episode received fans’ huge love and support where they got Hinata on trending topics thanks to his great save against İnarizaki.

Haikyu!! season 4 or with its official title Haikyu!! To The Top anime has arrived at the peak of the significant match among Karasuno and Inarizaki as they battle to guarantee the third game in triumph to dominate the game and proceed onward to the following round of the Spring Nationals competition. The match has seen some noteworthy minutes for a significant number of the major parts in the game, however the most up to date scene at last gave Hinata some opportunity to excel in an astounding manner.

Season 4 anime’s first half showed Shoyo Hinata sneaking his way into an extraordinary instructional course for the best players, yet rather than participate in he was made to be a ball kid. Be that as it may, with Hinata how he will be, he capitalized on it and rehearsed how to get balls well since it was probably the most vulnerable piece of his game heading into nationals.

In any case, the anime’s most recent episode saw Karasuno at their most minimal as Inarizaki scored point after guide thanks toward the stunts from the Miya Twins. There was some expectation, in any case, when Hinata figured out how to get a ball that was no doubt going to prompt one more point.

Check out fans’ reaction about Hinata’s big moment:


Haikyu!! To The Top anime’s first half with 13 episodes debuted from January to April 2020 and the second half debuted in October, 2020.

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