Oikawa Returns
Studio: Production I.G.

Haikyu!!, the top notch sports series anime has many fan-favorite characters and Tōru Oikawa is undoubtedly one of them with a huge fan-base. The anime has finally returned the character in the newest episode and fans loved every moment of seeing him.

The anime has arrived at the huge climax of its fourth season as the game among Karasuno and Inarizaki has hit the essential last minutes to make it to the following round. Despite the fact that the two schools have been in a dead heat, Karasuno ended up striving on account of the exceptional stunts coming from the Miya twins. Be that as it may, the freshest scene has welcomed on a significant swing of destiny as Tobio Kageyama and the other Karasuno young men are beginning to get on at the last possible second.

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Oikawa was watching this through his telephone, and the newest episode sees responding to how well both Kageyama and Atsumu are playing in this match. As a serious setter himself, seeing Kageyama pull off a significant move at the last possible second drew out his own serious soul as he invests more energy to make it to the competition next time around.

Check out fans’ reaction to Oikawa’s return below:



Haikyu!! To The Top anime’s first half with 13 episodes debuted from January to April 2020 and the second half debuted in October, 2020.

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