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Amazing Blue (ぐらんぶる Guranburu), otherwise called Grand Blue Dreaming, is a Japanese manga arrangement composed by Kenji Inoue and shown by Kimitake Yoshioka. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine great! Evening since April 2014 and has been gathered in twelve tankōbon volumes. The manga is distributed carefully in English by Kodansha USA under the Kodansha Comics engrave. An anime TV arrangement adjustment by Zero-G publicized from July 14 to September 29, 2018, in the Animeism programming obstruct on MBS.


Iori Kitahara anticipates his new life on the Izu Peninsula as he plans to begin his school life there, remaining in a room over his uncle’s jumping shop “Fantastic Blue.” However, he is immediately stunned as he meets the nearby Diving Club, a gathering loaded with buff men who invest more energy drinking, celebrating, and stripping bare than really plunging. In spite of his endeavors to separate himself from the gathering, Iori gets rapidly cleared up in their shenanigans, while his cousins attempt to demonstrate to him the miracles of plunging into the sea.

Major Characters:

Iori Kitahara (北原 伊織 Kitahara Iori)
The principle hero, a first year Mechanical Engineering understudy at Izu University who has never figured out how to swim, regardless of being a piece of the plunging club. Despite the fact that he at first endeavors to carry on with a typical life, Iori continues getting maneuvered into the “Look a Boo” Diving Club’s exercises that regularly end with him alcoholic and exposed. Iori has amazing expertise in playing tennis and different exercises that include exact point.

Chisa Kotegawa (古手川 千紗 Kotegawa Chisa)
Iori’s cousin and cohort at Izu University. Contrasted with the greater part of the others in Peek a Boo, Chisa is the most prudent and once in a while parties with the gathering, rather wanting to focus on her investigations and the real jumping.

Toshio Kotegawa (古手川 登志夫 Kotegawa Toshio)
The owner of the diving shop Grand Blue and Iori’s uncle.

Nanaka Kotegawa (古手川 奈々華 Kotegawa Nanaka)
A shapely lady and plunging educator at Grand Blue who for the most part watches the jumping club’s jokes. She is furtively beguiled by Chisa, regardless of being her sister.

Kōhei Imamura (今村 耕平 Imamura Kōhei)
The main adversary/companion and colleague of Iori. Kōhei is a no-nonsense otaku who frequently wears shirts with his most loved anime young lady character on them. He went to the college to pursue his close incomprehensible dream of running a group of concubines of adorable secondary school young ladies. He winds up getting restricted into Peek a Boo and is effectively controlled through his affection for renowned voice performers. He later winds up fixated on Iori’s younger sibling.


As of November 22, 2018, the manga has been distributed by Kodansha in twelve tankōbon volumes. Kodansha USA is distributing the arrangement carefully in English under the name of Grand Blue Dreaming with nine volumes distributed as of May 8, 2018.

An anime TV arrangement adjustment was declared in the Good! Evening magazine’s fourth issue of 2018 on March 7. The anime arrangement is composed and coordinated by Shinji Takamatsu, with Takamatsu additionally took care of the sound heading, Zero-G created the activity and Hideoki Kusama planned the characters.[18] It circulated from July 14 to September 29, 2018, and communicate on the Animeism programming hinder on MBS, TBS, BS-TBS, and AT-X. The arrangement is likewise spilled only on Amazon Video around the world. The opening signature melody titled “Excellent Blue” is performed by Shōnan no Kaze, while the completion signature tune titled “Konpeki no al Fine” (紺碧のアル・フィーネ) is performed by Izu no Kaze (a gathering shaped by Yūma Uchida, Ryohei Kimura, Hiroki Yasumoto, and Katsuyuki Konishi). The arrangement kept running for 12 episodes.