Granblue Fantasy: Versus Fighting Game’s 3rd Trailer Is Released


Cygames streamed the 3rd trailer on Saturday for Arc System WorksGranblue Fantasy: Versus battling game.

The video uncovers that Ladiva (Fastiva in Japanese) will be a playable character. The video additionally uncovers that there will be a shut beta test for the game, and the establishment’s “Extra Fes” occasion in Sendai (in July) and Osaka (in August) will likewise have a playable form of the game.

The game will dispatch worldwide all the while for the PlayStation 4 this year. Other playable characters in the game so far incorporate Gran, Katalina, Charlotta, Lancelot, Ferry, and Lowain. Stella Magna is forming the music for the game

Granblue Fantasy is a role-playing video game created by Cygames for Android, iOS and internet browsers, which initially discharged in Japan in March 2014. The game is striking for rejoining music arranger Nobuo Uematsu and art executive Hideo Minaba, who recently teamed up on Final Fantasy V (1992), Final Fantasy VI (1994), Final Fantasy IX (2000), and Lost Odyssey (2007)..

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The game assumes as a role-playing video game with turn-based fights. The game additionally contains summons and a class framework that adjusts the fundamental character’s turn set and development. Characters gain levels and capacities by gathering knowledge; request and weapons furnished likewise consult characters with rewards on assault power and HP. The characters themselves are picked up either by means of journeys or by utilizing in-amusement money to get irregular precious stone sections, which may contain exceptional weapons that add explicit characters to the gathering.

By March 2016, the game had been downloaded more than 10 million times in Japan. By January 2018, the game had crossed 18 million downloads. As of October 2018, the game has more than 22 million players.

In Japan, the game earned ¥20.9 billion ($188.12 million) between January 2017 and October 2017. In 2018, it netted ¥33.9 billion ($305.13 million) in Japan, where it was the year’s 6th most astounding earning versatile game. Consolidated, the game earned in any event ¥54.8 billion ($493 million) in Japan somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2018.

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