Granblue Fantasy Anime Season 2 Key Visual, PV and Release Date Revealed
Photo Credit: "MAPPA"

Granblue Fantasy anime official site and Twitter represent the Granblue Fantasy the Animation TV anime arrangement started gushing Season 2’s first preview video on Saturday. The video declares the new season’s patched up staff at MAPPA.

Staff Members

  1. Yui Umemoto: Anime Director at MAPPA
  2. Kiyoko Yoshimura: Writer and in charge of the series scripts
  3. Fumihide Sai: Character designer
  4. Yukie Noguchi: Color key artist
  5. Nobuhito Sue: Art director
  6. Shunsaku Usui: CG director
  7. Yoshihisa Oyama: Director of photography
  8. Keisuke Yanagi: Editor
  9. Yui Umemoto: Sound director
  10. Toshiya Wada: Sounds effects artist
  11. Studio Dugout: Sound production

Cast Members

  1. Hiroaki Hirata: as Rackam
  2. Yukari Tamura: as Io
  3. Rie Tanaka: as Rosetta
  4. Emiri Katō: as Sierokarte
  5. Miyuki Sawashiro: as Katalina
  6. Nao Tōyama: as Lyria
  7. Yuuki Ono: as Gran
  8. Rie Kugimiya: as Vyrn

The arrangement will debut on October 4, and it will keep running on the Tokyo MX, Tochigi TV, Gunma TV, BS11, MBS, and AT-X channels. AbemaTV and different administrations will stream the anime in Japan. The slogan for the new season peruses, “By and by now, to the huge blue skies…The season will portray the new voyage of the kid Gran — who became an adult through experience while heading for Estalucia, Island of Stars — and the young lady Lyria who tumbled from the skies.


“The boy, who looked up to the skies and aimed for the Island of Stars, has linked his fate and life with the mysterious blue-haired girl who fell from the skies. What the boy and girl encountered on their journey were companions they could count on and then an airship heading to their destination.

The two deepened their bonds and came of age while evading the pursuing empire and encountering the Primal Beasts. However, their path to the Island of Stars is but half complete. The boy and girl advance to their next journey with their companions.”