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The current year’s 24th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine distributed the last section on Monday for Natsuki Hokami‘s
Gokutei Higuma (Hell Warden Higuma) manga.

Gokutei Higuma was an continuous 2018 Shonen Jump manga writen by Natsuki Hokami. It was launched in December 2018 alongside the other new titles, Ne0;lation and Chainsaw Man.

The manga has been authoritatively deciphered with a concurrent Japanese and English discharge on the official application.

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Third-year understudy Ayaha Kuromine stays standing for a kid in the transport who had been annoyed by a not exactly calm man for the seat in the transport. In any case, the youth settles to calmly resolve the circumstance.

The two at that point land at the Fuchiyama station. There the kid inquires as to whether she possesses something that she didn’t legitimately claim: the previously mentioned boozer’s wallet. Is Ayaha’s feeling of equity only a show? Not by any stretch of the imagination, in all actuality, she has been controlled by an outlaw soul who had for quite a while constrained her into semi propensity for stealing. The youth, Higuma, fortunately, manages to exorcize the evil presence. What’s more, they all lived cheerfully ever after…