Photo Credit: Crunchy Onigri LLC - MAPPA

God of High School, has recently released a new key visual that likewise reveals the studio that will breathe life into the anime. God of High School previously showed up as a “webtoon” online quite a long while prior, getting a unique movement just as a portable game.

Crunchyroll hoping to release fresh out of the box new arrangement on the world as a component of their Crunchyroll Originals line. The arrangement itself centers around our primary hero Jin Mo-Ri, a youngster who rehearses hand to hand fighting and gets himself a piece of a world-breaking competition.

With the warriors apparently given the intensity of the Gods. The arrangement will be a hard-hitting one when it drops onto the streaming assistance of Crunchyroll in the not so distant future.

A user on Reddit named (karma110) shared this astonishing first key visual just as affirming that the studio Crunchy Onigri LLC, working pair with Studio MAPPA, will help in bringing this fresh out of the box new anime to the world.

The official description for God of High School is: “A high schooler and his friends will compete in an epic tournament borrowing power directly from the gods and uncovering a mysterious organization along the way. Based on the comic by Yongje Park.”